PhotonQ-Cédric Villani Mathematics Dreamer

PhotonQ-Cédric Villani Mathematics Dreamer (Photo credit: PhOtOnQuAnTiQuE)

I Have this firm conviction, “all humans have a spiritual side which needs addressing to be complete.” It doesn’t need to be Jesus, Allah, Budah, Satan, Muhammad or which ever Deity you follow. BUT IT HAS TO BE Spiritual. Websters Standard Dictionary defines Spiritual as: pertaining to the highest moral or intellectual qualities of man: sacred or religious: supernatural. It is not the belief in/of  a particular God. But, Who defines moral or intellectual qualities? Truth is, everyone and all entities define moral or intellectual qualities based on their own beliefs. Your parents may have described it one way, while The Government may have a different standard which may be different from your clergy.

My view of Spiritual Empowerment means finding your way to a Higher form of being. For me this means our existence in this physical world is just one way of existence while the soul seeks a higher form in the Spirit Realm. Whatever brings you to the Higher Realms of life is Spiritual Empowerment. Everyone will define this in their own way.

Your higher form may come at the Black Jack table at a local Casino. For some it can only come from their worship of  their God or creator. For others their life’s mathematical fields of endeavours may be their Spiritual Empowerment.

The Truth is what we need to look for. Satan is in charge of the world. Through his instruments namely the militaries and Governments under his control. Those selling their Souls to Satan are complicit and will regret their decisions when it is too late. It is here where growth can occur.

Many do not believe in the Soul or it’s ability to continue after death. I fully believe our Soul continues and will return if necessary to complete its Karmic responsibilities. We have lessons to learn and if not in this life, then in the next. Your lot in life will be different on the return life as you will be placed in a way you learn what is necessary.

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