We are seeing the last Pope . Pope Francis heralds in the last days. In THE BIBLE

The conclave in Konstanz at the election of Po...

The conclave in Konstanz at the election of Pope Martinus V (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

THERE IS NO MENTION OF THIS EVENT. This Pope and the Nation of Israel.God’s new home on Earth, The third Temple. Jesuit Priests generally wear black. This pope Pope Francis fits the description Malachy said : This pope would be Italian. He was born in but to Italian immigrant parents. So he’s Italian. Also his name would be peter ( Peter the Roman) Petrus Romanus.

FINAL POPE UPDATE!! + The Coming Alien Savior Deception with Sid Roth,

The signs we have lived in the last days are becoming easier to detect and believe in. This is where things get rough. This is where The Vatican and Israel come together for a new worship temple. It’s coming. Satan wants to stand in God’s house and claim his Rulership.

Many millions of Christians will suffer during this time frame.The seven year period is cut in half to save the remaining Christians from the atrocities heaped on them. Jesus comes to the rescue!