We are all linked together in this great cosmos. We are linked with each other and with nature. We are one, united in this great cause, and meditation can be our key to success. As more

God the Father 01

God the Father 01 (Photo credit: Waiting For The Word)

studies prove the benefits of meditation for ourselves, those around us, the planet and even on the galaxy itself, then we will be forced to recognize, there are some things physical science does not even begin to understand. And basing your life on pure science, will get you killed in the long run.

Understanding God is not found in that science. Even in the micro sciences, only so much can be discovered. Without accepting how our heart and then our mind can change the realities around us can we finally start to begin learning how it that God exists and rules from a realm we can not see. Only then can we find the truths of existence and how life comes into being.

Do not be mis-led, God does exist! God is love and God is perfect. Humans have a tendency to dismiss what they don’t know as a possibility. Well, God does exist. and if we fall short there will be a price exacted for that shortfall.

A Message of Hope

An enlightened being will have more than five senses to base the realities of ┬álife with/on. Thirty or forty thousand years ago, a much more enlightened human existed and until we get back to that state, don’t be fooled by those who make decisions based on the five senses we attribute our ability to. There is just so much more we need to learn and basing our understanding and beliefs on what we know today versus what we still need to learn can and will only lead you down a path of death and destruction. It is time to expand what we have been taught so we can start to understand where we can actually end up.