Numerology is one aid for understand Spiritual Growth. We all have certain gifts we are endowed with at birth. We also have weaknesses that need addressing. By understanding this we can guide our lives to a fuller completion and expansion of our Soul. A good businessperson knows to hire others where his weaknesses are to better his company. By knowing where we need to strengthen ourselves we can become complete. Knowing our strengths allows us to use these to complete our weaknesses.

All of us need to move into a Higher Plane for our Soul’s progression. When we strengthen the weak parts of the soul, it is then we can move closer to our Creator. Return lives give us just such opportunities. All levels of existence require further learning until finally we reach a point where we can actually be near God. God is perfect and by striving to be near him, we can meet our desire. In the Earthly realm we face tasks we learn to overcome. By properly achieving our life’s assignments, we grow spiritually. Once all assignments have been reached, return to this Earthly realm would no longer be necessary. For many of us, several life experiences are necessary to complete our Souls and properly equip ourselves for the next level of understanding.

Please realize nothing is forever on Earth. No matter the challenge we face, we have the ability to move beyond those  seemingly impossible occurrences that plaque us. Each one of us has the abilities inside to understand and conquer the assigned tasks for Spiritual Empowerment and Growth of the Soul.

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Each earthly assignment we come equipped with the ability to overcome our weakness. It can be done. And each of us will be tested in ways that bring about our Spiritual Growth. Recognize where we are heading and where we wish to be and focus your energy in what moves us to our end. Being in the presence of our Creator should always be first on your wish list. Not the mansion or Porsche. Not the fame, nor the fortune, Satan may tempt you with. Those achievements will not last and can not be brought with you in the Higher Realms of existence. Do it Gods way and you will acquire riches for the future.